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Monday, May 29, 2006


Happy Memorial Day everyone. It's been a wonderful day. Lex picked me up for a noon meeting, which I haven't attended in a while. It was good to see old friends. I was tired though, so she dropped me off a little later and I napped a bit. My son and his fiance came by and we walked to the great little corner restaurant and had some dinner, talked about wedding plans, his brother, his name it and we talked or laughed about it. I swear that's what peace and serenity look like. Sharing a big glass of cold tea with two people I love and being able to laugh and giggle like a bunch of teenagers.

And I'm so excited! I get my stitches out tomorrow! That probably sounds a little silly, but they're driving me a little buggy. The other part of that drs. visit is she'll tell me when I can drive again (I hate being without wheels!). It will be nice to at least be able to go to the store if I need to. And maybe go have lunch with friends or something.

My kiddo has been doing really well, but fell into victim mode this weekend and really started in on me about how I'd forced him into a halfway house, blah blah blah. I'm pretty proud of him - he's managed to avoid that for the most part since all of this mess started. He's been accepting responsibility for his own decisions and making some tough ones about getting help. So I guess it's not terribly surprising that he's having a few days where he feels entitled to a giant pity party. But he's pretty irritated at me because I refuse to jump on the bandwagon. He got a wee bit miffed at his old mom because he got the impression that I wasn't really very sympathetic. And he was exactly right. Some days the hardest thing for me to do is not love him to death. I know you guys all know what I mean. Feeling sorry for him, trying to fix things, those are all old behaviors and I have to really work not to fall into those same old traps. I'm doing my best to help him help himself and clean up his own messes. Now if I can just get his dad on the same page. Ah well. Can't fix his dad either. Just have to mind my business, keep my side of the street clean and all will be well. Funny thing that. I used to think that was just something my sponsor told me to put me off. What I know today is that is that it's absolutely true. And my baby will get there too.

Today I am grateful for:

Friends who don't mind picking me up and dropping me off. God bless 'em!

A nooner and seeing old friends.

My little house, which is deep in the heart of the city and close enough to walk to just about anywhere I need to get.

My kiddos. Man do they rock.

My daddy, who was a WWII, Korea and Vietnam Vet. He served our country well and proudly. Rest in peace, Daddy. You're missed.

God, who keeps me close and safe at all times.


  • At 1:27 AM, Blogger Trudging said…

    Your father was in three wars...good lord. I complain because they moved my polling place!

  • At 11:15 AM, Blogger Tab said…

    ((Thank you Tracie))
    My guy is trying too but it still hurts seeing him have to learn the hard way.I was there and came through so I have to believe and let go...wah!!!don't want to :(
    I love my little turkey so much but have to let him learn to take care of himself..he is trying to find an apartment and its all I could do not to put my super Mom cape on and find him and his friend something safe and affordable..ugh.I didn't but I wanted to! wah!!!
    I think I am growing through this too cause I am not interferring (much to my son's shingrins).
    Our babies will be okay Tracie because we will never stop believing in them AND giving them the space they need to grow.
    Thanks for sharing ,I really appreciate it,(especially today)


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