Sunlight of the Spirit

I'm living life one day at time, traveling along in the sunlight of the Spirit. And I don't let anyone get between me and my light...I belong to the most amazing circle of women friends. I know that with them, nothing is impossible.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thank you, God, for the Women in My Life

Happy, joyous and free. That's what the women in AA have taught me to want. And when I take the time to remember all the wonderful things in my life, I am. Here lately I've been bogged down in some not so wonderful things. I've gotten pretty caught up in them, in fact. I was talking to one of my very best friends yesterday and she reminded me that I need to thank God, every day, for my sobriety, for the women in my life, and for the many other gifts that He has given me. So here it is. Thank you, God, for my sobriety, the wonderful women in my life, my very dear friends, my children, my health, my job, and my home. I know how fortunate this gift of sobriety is. Without it I have nothing.


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